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Topaz, the official gemstone of Texas, was thought in ancient times to enhance vision. Women In Film Dallas established the Topaz Award in 1987 to honor distinguished Texans who, through their own vision, have made outstanding contributions to the film and television industry.

For years, the Topaz Awards has evoked the glamour of the past by honoring women and men in the present. This occasion allows us to recognize the outstanding contributions, dedication, and trailblazing efforts of individuals with ties to the Lone Star State. Past recipients of the Topaz Awards are a veritable “who’s who” of achievement, offering inspiration and vision to all who attend. The Topaz Awards provides an opportunity to express our gratitude to these women and men as role models in the entertainment industry.

The Topaz Award

Brenda Strong

2021 Award Recipient

Angie Harmon

2019 Award Recipient

Morgan Fairchild

2006 Award Recipient

Irma P. Hall

2005 Award Recipient

Bonnie Curtis

2004 Award Recipient

Sheree Wilson

2003 Award Recipient

Janine Turner

2002 Award Recipient

Marcia Gay Harden

2001 Award Recipient

Peri Gilpin

2000 Award Recipient

Patricia Richardson

1999 Award Recipient 

Judith Ivey

1998 Award Recipient 

JoBeth Williams

1997 Award Recipient 

Debbie Allen

1996 Award Recipient 

Linda Ellerbee

1995 Award Recipient 

Ginger Rogers

1994 Award Recipient 

Cyd Charisse

1993 Award Recipient 

Katherine Helmond

1992 Award Recipient 

Phylicia Rashad

1991 Award Recipient 

Ann Miller

1990 Award Recipient

Shelly Duvall

1989 Award Recipient

Tess Harper

1988 Award Recipient

Linda Gray

1987 Award Recipient

Rising Star Award

Established in 2007/2008, this award recognizes and honors a notable woman who has made significant strides in her young career.

Joy Nash

2022 Award Recipient

Cocoa Brown

2021 Award Recipient

Kim Matula

2019 Award Recipient

Allison Tolman

2014 Award Recipient

Fonya Mondell

2012 Award Recipient

Amy Talkington

2008 Award Recipient

Legacy Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions to the film and television industry, the prestigious Legacy Award, presented on only six occasions acknowledges a lifetime of achievement and a classic body of work. 

Previous recipients include: Martin Jurow (1993), Greer Garson (1995), Dale Evans (1996), Norma Young (posthumously, 1998), Shari Rhodes (2001), Ada Lynn (2006), Lynne Moon (2012), Ruth Buzzi (2014), Dorothy Malone (posthumously, 2022).

Dorothy Malone

2022 Award Recipient - Posthumously

Watch Dorothy Malone's Tribute video here

Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award was established in 2004 to recognize and honor a notable individual who has made a strong impact for women

in the local and / or state wide film and television industry.

Cheryl Polote-Williamson

2022 Award Recipient

Justina Walford

2021 Award Recipient

Trish Avery

2012 Award Recipient

Hector Garcia

2008 Award Recipient

Dr. Elba Garcia

2006 Award Recipient

Lois Finkelman

2005 Award Recipient

Veletta Forsythe Lill

2004 Award Recipient

Gratitude Award

The Gratitude Award is presented to an outstanding individual who has served as a gracious benefactor and contributed time and effort to television and film presence in the Metroplex and the great state of Texas. 

Previous recipients include: Chuck Norris (2001), Gary Cogill (2002), Larry Hagman (2003), Ed Delaney (posthumously, 2005), Don Stokes (2008), Dennis Bishop (2014), Steven Chudej (2019), The Beasley Family (2021), Beth Sepko-Lindsey (2022).

Spirit Award

Created for the 2008 Topaz Awards, this award honors a woman who has not only made significant contributions to the local and Texas production industry but has also worked to develop other women's careers in the industry. 

Recipients include: Sylvia Gill (2008), Meredith Stephens (2011), Mary Collins (2012).

Achievement Award

The Achievement Award was established in 1988 to recognize and honor a notable woman who has made a significant contribution

to the local and / or state wide film and television industry.

Previous recipients include: Lee Duncan (1988), Carolyn Camp (1989), Marillyn Burton Seeberger (1990), Kim Dawson (1991), Ginny Martin and Sylvia Komatsu (1992), Rody Kent (1993), Betty Buckley (1994), Ann Richards (1995), Peggy Taylor (1996), Gloria Campos (1997), Suzie Humphries (1998), Bobbie Wygant (1999), Jane Sumner (2000), Cynthia Salzman Mondell (2001), Kathy Tyner (2002), Jo Edna Boldin (2003), Shirley Abrams (2004), Janis Burklund (2005), Linda McAlister (2006), Melina McKinnon (2011).

Humanitarian Award 

Created in 1997, the Humanitarian Award is a special honor presented to an individual whose selfless acts demonstrate a dedication and devotion to the promotion of positive human development.

This award has been presented to:  Chuck Norris (1997), Garry Brown (2008), Rogers Hartmann (2011).

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