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2021 PSA

Family Gateway

The mission of Family Gateway is to provide stability and life-changing supportive services to children and families affected by homelessness. They empower families to transform their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

By engaging children in opportunities to learn and grow so they can create a new family legacy. Family Gateway acts with respect and compassion in all that they do. Your generosity helps Family Gateway provide emergency shelter and supportive services for children experiencing homelessness and their families.

Family Gateway knows the devastating effects of homelessness and work diligently every day to provide stability and renewed hope for those in their care. 

Watch our behind the scenes video of the amazing women that donated their time, talents and equipment to make this PSA a reality.


Executive Producer: Women In Film Dallas

Director/Writer: Wendy Pennington

Producer/Cinematographer:  Alicia Pascual

Associate Producer: Gail Cronauer 

Production Coordinator: Christine Messick

Camera Assistants: Tatyana Bessmertnaya & Lindsay Bochat

1st Assistant Director: Grace Kelly

2nd Assistant Director: Lauren Steward

Lead Art Team: Sarah McVicker

Editor/Media Management: Andrea Newham

Hair/Makeup: Tiffany Vollmer

Voice Over Talent: Monika Watkins

Casting: Kina Bale-Reed, Cast-o-matic

Lead Production Assistant: Frances Perkins

Production Assistants: Anna Sophia Bessmertnaya, Leila Campbell, Leslie Ben Hamilton

Music by: David R. Smith Jr.


Principal Family: Zarinah Curry

Principal Family: Nicholas Curry

Principal Family: Emorie Hamilton

Principal Family: Almaz Scroggin

FG Employee: Micheal Guinn

FG Employee: Tina S. Britt

FG Employee: Mandi Lutz

Supporting Family: Audrey Medrano

Supporting Family: Kiko Medrano

Supporting Family: Nicole Prebevsek

Supporting Family: Brooks Prebevsek

Supporting Family: Tiffany Vollmer

Supporting Family: MaryElla Most

A Very Special Thanks To:

Kendall Brown, Family Gateway

Ruthie Umberger, Family Gateway

Copyright 2018 Women in Film Dallas

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