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2018 PSA 

Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

DARCC provides survivors and their loved ones the resources they need to reclaim their lives. Staff and trained advocates are available to help those impacted by sexual violence navigate the journey of healing in a safe and confidential environment. Sexual violence doesn’t discriminate. DARCC serves all individuals who have been impacted by sexual violence with respect and compassion. This includes women, men, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, refugees, and all other survivors of sexual violence.

DARCC’s comprehensive program includes counseling, crisis intervention and advocacy for those whose lives have been affected by sexual violence. DARCC is also committed to social change through prevention, education and outreach programs to the community.


Producer/Director/Casting Director: Anietie Antia-Obong

Producer: Megan St.Cin

Writer: Lisha Brock

Cinematographer: Luisa Mendoza

Editor/Colorist: Christine Copeland

Motion Graphics Artist: Vanessa Jimenez

PSA Chair/Script Supervisor: Nancy Giles Evans

Gaffer: Alicia Pascual

Location Manager: Micaela Dartson Hicken

Location Sound: Sydnee Johnson

Sound Designer: Angie Thompson

1st Assistant Director: Cydney Cox

2nd Assistant Director: Thelma French

Hair/Makeup: Donatelle Mascari

Voice Over Talent: Melanie Murphy

Hair/Makeup: Adri Amos

Props/Set Dressing: Lynne Moon

Props/Set Dressing Assistant: Zee Labega

Wardrobe: Marion Crouse

Craft Services: Suzanne Jackowski, Lisha Brock

Assistant Location Manager: Shori Anderson

Props/Set Dressing/Extra: Jazzie Gonzalez

Assistant Location Manager: Ariel Smith

Still Photographer: Sheryl Lanzel

Behind The Scenes Videographer: Angel Will

Casting Assistant: Roni Hummel

Casting Assistant: Kina Bale-Reed

Casting Assistant: Eboni Johnson

Production Assistant/Extra: Aseel Hanboli

Production Assistant: Rebecca Santos

Production Assistant: Karen Tovbin

Production Assistant/Extra: Reem Almodian

Production Assistant: Khulood Kamal

Production Assistant: Ghaidaa Binmahfoodh

Grip/Electric: Tatyana Bessmertnaya

Grip/Electric: Ale Z. Melara

Grip/Electric: Nishma Santos

Music by AShamaluevMusic


Young Woman: Alex Nicole McConnell

Older Woman: Sharon Garrison

Disabled Woman: Josephine Hah

Sexy Dressed Woman: Tanya Lavonne

Homeless Woman: Kia Nicole Boyer

Wealthy Woman: Mary C. Blackburn

Same Gender Couple: Anthony Spurgin

Same Gender Couple: John Gracia

Young Man: Zahran Anwar

Business Woman: Nikita Vyas Hattangady

Extra: Claire O’Berry

Extra: Emma LeBlanc

Extra: Domonique Murphy

A Very Special Thanks To:

Amy Jones, DARCC

Janelle Gettmann, DARCC


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