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For 22 years, Women in Film Dallas has provided a platform for independent female filmmakers to promote their work through it’s annual film festival.

In 2019, to better reflect the spirit of our film competition and the history of our organization, we changed our festival's name from Flicks by Chicks to Topaz Film Festival.

Topaz, the official gemstone of Texas, was thought in ancient times to enhance visions.  In 1987, Women in Film Dallas established the Topaz Award to honor distinguished Texas women and men who, through their own visions, have made outstanding contributions to the film and television history.

With the Topaz Film Festival, we strive to honor past Topaz Award recipients and the vision of new independent female film makers.

The Topaz Film Festival is an extension of the Women in Film Dallas Scholastic Grant Fund, a 501c3 that provides financial support through grants and scholarships to women in the pursuit of media arts degrees and those in the productions of film, television and screen-based media. Proceeds from the festival will serve to fund the scholastic grant.

Films are eligible if women are in two or more of the following positions, in the making of the film: director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor, animator, composer/score, camera department (operator or assistant), sound/audio/foley (mixing or sound editing), special/visual effects, gaffer/grip/electric, set design, art direction, choreographer or UPM/Production Coordinator/Line Producer. 

We accept both narratives and documentaries in both feature and shorts categories. To be considered, shorts must be under the 20 minute mark. Features are over 60 minutes.

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