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We're Just Say'n'! Podcast

Welcome to the WIFD podcast We're Just Say’n'! starring WIFD President Tiffany Vollmer and WIFD Vice President Gail Cronauer!

Join Tiff and Gail for this new adventure filled with lively discussions on local industry news/entertainment as well as spotlight interviews with our amazing members! 

Have ideas for the podcast or want to be a "spotlight interview" guest?  If you are not already, we invite you to join WIFD and become an active member in our mission to empower, promote and mentor.  Our most active members may be awarded the "spotlight interview" on the show. We invite you to email us at  We want to hear what you're sayin'! 




In this episode, we dig into the history and future of Dallas, TX in the film industry with Meg Gould, the Assistant Director of Dallas Creatives (which includes the former Dallas Film Commission).Tune in! Visit their website at


On this episode, we chat with former 2021 Membership Chair, director, producer, writer and documentary film maker here in Dallas, Monika Watkins! Tune is as we discuss her journey in film as a woman who does it all, and the inspiring work that she is currently doing. For more info on Monika, visit her website at


In this episode, we kick up trouble with Erin Nicole Parisi who is currently serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors for WIFDallas 2022. Erin is an artist and local filmmaker that is also very involved and serves on the Board of the Asian Film Festival. She is also, the Owner/Producer/Production Designer at Kinetigraf Entertainment, LLC. Enjoy!


In this episode, meet WIFD member and local actress Nikki Dixon. Not only did she star as one of our WIFD super-women in the 2019 PSA but she does amazing work in our community. Learn all about it in this episode of We're Just Say'n'


In this episode, meet multi-talented WIFD member and Improv Dallas leader Wendy Pennington. This Texas native moved to Hollywood and back, all the while honing her craft to build an impressive career as an actor/writer/director/producer. Watch this episode to hear her story and learn what's she's doing next!


You've seen the Best Boy job title on the call sheet, but what about the Best Gal? In this episode, Tiff and Gail interview Jessica Jastrzebski, founder of the Best Gals Grip & Electric Course designed to help women learn the skills they need to become G&E professionals. Watch this episode to hear Jessica's story and learn what inspired her to teach this course.


Welcome to episode 2!  This week, Tiff and Gail interview WIFD member Pam Barragan who serves as our podcast co-producer and director of our 2021 PSA for Valor Ranch, a non-profit serving, honoring and empowering our women veterans.


Welcome to Episode 1 of "We're Just Say'n" with Tiff and Gail, president and vice-president of Women In Film Dallas. In this first episode, the ladies talk podcasting, balancing family and career and the benefits of a membership with Women In Film Dallas.

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