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WIF.D Hosts WIFTI Showcase 2011

Saturday, March 05, 2011 11:52 PM | Deleted user
A collection of shorts you won't see anywhere else -- March 10!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day this month, WIF.D's Chick Flicks invites you to a special showcase of short films from women around the world. The Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) Short Film Showcase features filmmakers from California, Canada, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. Described by Chick Flicks Chair Lisha Brock as "fresh, funny, unexpected, controversial, quirky and visually stunning, the showcase has something to please men and women alike."

Please join us for this special night of short films you won't see anywhere else in town. The evening will also include an array of silent auction items you won't want to miss either. Proceeds from all Chick Flicks events go to fund WIF.D's annual scholarship program.

WIFTI Short Film Showcase
Thursday, March 10
7 p.m. Meet & Greet / Screening begins at 8 p.m.
LaGrange in Deep Ellum, 2704 Elm St
FREE to WIF.D members / $8 at the door for the general public.

RSVP through Facebook here 

It was 100 years ago when the United Nations put forth a day to celebrate the economic, political, and social achievements of Women past, present, and future. In places such as China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a National Holiday. This marks the 6th year WIFTI joins in that celebration with our Short Film Showcase. These films have first been selected by the participating WIFTI Chapters from submissions created by their members. Each Chapters' selections were sent to the WIFTI screening committee to compile this, the 2011 Showcase Program. The films were all truly wonderful and WIFTI congratulates all the filmmakers on their efforts. We hope this inspires you to make your own film for next year's celebration.

What Kind of Planet Are We On? / 4 minutes
Director/Co-Writer: Varda Hardy
Chapter: Los Angeles, USA www.wif.org
Film Synopsis: An alien applies for social security benefits. She is so happy to qualify, but an unexpected hitch turns her life upside down.

Participating WIFT members;
Varda Hardy-Writer, Director/WIFLA
Jamie Bullock-Producer/WIFLA
Karen Lavender - Producer/WIFLA

Abandon ME /19 minutes
Writer/Director: Sayer Frey
Chapter: Minneapolis, USA www.MNWIFT.org
Set in 1947 rural America, a desperate woman haunted by childhood memories abandons her aging mother in a cornfield. Abandon ME represents a deeply internalized form of visual storytelling rich with metaphoric layers and symbols, which elegantly unfold into a message of hope and empowerment for women.

Participating WIFT members;
Sayer Frey- Writer, Director, Editor/ MN WIFT
Wei K. Pun- Director of Photography/NY WIFT
Erin Rasmussen- Executive Producer/MN WIFT

Picking Up Feets / 3 minutes
Writer/Producer Illustrator: Debrainna Mansini
Chapter: New Mexico, USA www.NMWIF.com
Feets, an adventurous cat, teaches a family of girls about challenging the order of things and the magic of a hug. Picking UP Feets is an animated short based on the children's book Picking Up Feets by Debrianna Mansini and Anne Litt, illustrated by Debrianna Mansini.

Participating WIFT members;
Debrainna Mansini-Writer-Producer-Editor-Illustrator-Actor/NMWIF
Lori Romero-Producer/NMWIF

This is Her/12 minutes
Director: Katie Wolfe
Chapter: New Zealand www.wiftnz.org.nz
In life there are no fairytale endings, one woman's account of what the future holds for her. Katie wanted to do a film that took a cliché problem and present it in a new light. "The passing of time makes the implausible a reality."

Participating WIFT members;
Katie Wolfe - Director/WIFTNZ
Kate McDermott-Writer/WIFTNZ
Ginny Loane- Cinematographer/ WIFTNZ
Lisa Hough-Editor/WIFTNZ
Felicity Letcher-Producer/WIFTNZ
Rachel Lorimer-Producer/WIFTNZ

BraveHeart / 5 minutes
Writer/Producer: Khadijah Kuranga
Chapter: The Foundation for Women in Film and Television in Nigeria
BraveHeart is a small portion of a Television Docudrama series about people in the midst of poverty that have refused to be burdened, clamed down, affected or loose focus. In this piece Mama Emma, a recent Widow & Mother of three, has had all the money her husband left her stolen from her. Now she must find a way to survive.

Participating WIFT Nigeria members:
Khadijah Kuranga- Writer-Producer/ WIFT Nigeria
Muna Iyanam- Associate Producer/WIFT Nigeria
Grace Babasoia- Writer/WIFT Nigeria

Sis /11 minutes
Writer/Director: Deborah Haywood
Chapter: UK www.wftv.org.UK
What happens when the older sister in charge of them ignores two innocent young girls? This daring look at the life of our children today offers us a cautionary tale of neglect.

Participating WFTV UK members:
Deborah Haywood-Writer-Director/ WFTV UK
Tina Pawlik-Producer/WFTV UK
Numerous crew members

Small Currents /19 minutes
Director/Producer: Carolyn Combs
Chapter: Vancouver, Canada www.Womeninfilm.CA
Tabitha, a single mom, has moved to a larger city to start again. Caught between a desire for intimacy with Hassan, a new acquaintance, and her sense of tradition and responsibility as the daughter of a fundamentalist Christian, she relies upon the insight of her six year-old daughter to help change her life.
Participating WFTV members:
Carolyn Combs-Director-Producer/ WFTV
Kirsten Slenning-Actor-/WFTV

Leger Probleme (Little Inconvenience) /9 minutes
Writer/Director: Helene Florent
Chapter: Montreal, Quebec Canada www.FCTNM.CA
The life of an ordinary man becomes very different on a day that seemed like every other.

Participating FCTNM members:
Helene Florent-Writer-Director/FCTNM

WIFTI would like to thank the following for making this DVD possible:
- Media Central for sponsoring the WIFTI trailer.
- HDNM Entertainment for creating the WIFTI trailer.
- LIghtningwood Pictures for compiling the Short Film Showcase.
- Legacy Filmworks for providing FedEx delivery.

For more information on any of these Films, Filmmakers or their Chapters, click here. Full bios of these wonderful filmmakers can be obtained online.

* Women In Film & Television International (WIFTI) is a global network comprised of some 37 Women In Film chapters* worldwide and over 10,000 members dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media.

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