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Day 2 - Chick Flicks Festival "Girls! Girls! Girls!"

  • Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Angelika - Dallas


  • Purchase before October 17th for discounted pricing.
  • Purchase before October 17th for discounted pricing.

Registration is closed
Women in Film.Dallas presents a unique collection of short films with women calling all the shots!

Girls!Girls!Girls! is an anthology feature of 6 short films written, produced, shot, edited and directed entirely by women. Women of all ages, race and backgrounds have created a short, each from a different genre, with a perspective on feminine power. Girls!Girls!Girls! is a dynamic movement that is proactively creating more opportunities in key artistic roles for female filmmakers, while fostering mentorships with young women.

See the work of Beth Grant as she steps behind the camera to write and direct The Perfect Fit. A short starring Octavia Spencer, Frances Fisher, and Lauren Miller.

Link to Trailer:

Mix n' Mingle at 6 p.m.  - with Executive Producer of the films, America Young Location TBA (Members Only)

Screening at 7 p.m. - Angelika - Dallas

Following the screening, we will have a Q&A with America Young. Director of one of the 6 films, Locked-In, and Executive Producer on the project.

America Young is a director, producer, actor and professional stunt woman.

She was the Executive Director and one of founders of The Feel Good Film Festival (2008-2011), Panel Producer for AFI Festival 2009 and Director of Operations of The Santa Catalina Film Festival (2011). Currently she works as Director of Content Acquisition for  She has stunt coodinated the feature films “April Showers”, “Nuclear Family”, “Collision” and music videos such as “Hot and Cold” (Katy Perry), “Outta My Head” (Ashley Simpson), “Scream” (Chris Cornell) and “Pocket Full of Sunshine” (Natasha Beddingfield). She has a blast playing four different characters on the cartoon “Monster High”. She is slated to direct a comedy feature and a webseries about professional wrestlers this summer.

Film Line-Up:

The Convention of Dying (Dramedy)

Dancing between humorous and heartfelt, “The Convention of Dying” is the story of a woman’s last day and the generations of women that care for her. Shot similar to the “Diving Bell and the Butterfly” the film is the women’s POV of her family interacting with each other and the different ways the one deals with death, life and family.


Shana Sosin – Director/Writer
Film Independent Directors Fellow, Producing Axis Mundi with Tim Robbins, Sundance Writers Lab Semi-Finalis

Susan Dynner – Producer Brick, Director of Punk’s Not Dead

Stephanie Mace - Producer Fame, The Ugly Truth, Scrubs

Quyen Tran - Cinematographer A Bag of Hammers

Hilary Seitz – Writer Mentor Eagle Eye, Insomina

Susan Demskey-Horiuchi - Editor The Closer, Morphine, The Lizzie McGuire

My Own Private Demon (Action)

Every morning before Vickie finishes her routine, she fights an epic battle with her own vicious inner demon. Vickie has to survive – just so she can start her day.


Barbara Stepansky – Director/Writer Fugue, Hurt, Hysteria

Lena Bubenechik – Producer Little Black Dress, Phantom Love

Arlene Muller – Cinematographer Betrayal, Near & Dear, Floating Lanterns

Stephanie Hernstadt – Editor Fogue, Girls on the Wall, Speedie Date

Arlene Muller – Editor In Love with a Nun, TV Revolution, 100 Years of Hope and Humor

Locked-In (Psychological Thriller)

This industry can really take the life out of you. How far will you go to get what you want? A daily question for many struggling actors in Los Angeles. However, for one rising star, it seems her prayers have finally been answered. Georgia has accepted a role of a lifetime: A chance to star in her first feature film. For the first time, she is in charge...There is only one stipulation: Georgia can’t leave.


America Young - Director Abandoned, Fairly Criminal, Goodnight Burbank, Mia, The Middle, Monster High

April Wade - Producer B4, Happy Endings, Junction, April Showers

Jenn Fee – Writer Friends With Money, Campus Ladies, Hart to Swallow, Night of the Dog

Jennifer Ann Henry - Cinematographer Guillermo, Sal’s Animal Variety Hour, Bullfighter, Go Fish

Helen Hand - Editor The Blue Hour, My Bad Dad, A Celebration of Women Directors, House of Sand and Fog

Jerilyn A. Schultz – Executive Producer

A Hidden Agender (Dark Comedy)

A misogynist businesswoman discovers she’s having a baby girl and no longer wants to have the baby.


Tracie Laymon – Director Inside, One Small Step for Neil, Birds are Singing in Kigali

Alicia Robbins – Cinematographer San Francisco 2177, Made in Brooklyn, The Darkbar

Lena Bubenechik – Producer Little Black Dress, Phantom Love, How to Have a Happy Marriage

Anita Brandt Burgoyne – Editor A Good Old Fashion Orgy, Legally Blonde, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Louis Wilson –  Executive Producer

Perfect Fit (Bedhead Cinema)

One day, 5 women from completely different backgrounds have a chance meeting in the dressing room of a vintage clothing store. As they try to force themselves into “the ideal dress”, that represents what they see as the feminine perfection, they come to realize that they are each an ideal woman and own themselves in the clothes they are in.


Beth Grant – Director/Writer Crazyheart, No Country for Old Men, Little Miss Sunshine

Lauren Miller - Writer 50/50, Blimp Prom, Measure of Love, Happy Holidays

Ursula Camack – Producer Amazing Race, The Art of Being Straight

Alison Kelly - Cinematographer Muscle Car, The Custom Mary, “Toddlers and Tiaras”, Hollywood, je t’aime

Morgan Hanner – Editor “Flash Forward”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Showtime Special: The Longest Yard

Andrea Quinn & Chris Wilson – Executive Producers

How to Have a Happy Marriage (Satire)

Found footage of a 1950’s “How To” video that documents the following: Mary and John are getting a divorce. If only Mary had tried harder to please her husband. If only she had relied on science for her answers. If she had cared enough to do whatever it took to lose those last five pounds... it's possible her marriage could have been saved. Don't be a Mary. Watch this clever modern film about how you can please your husband, and you will be guaranteed a happy marriage.


Jennifer Chambers Lynch – Director Surveillance, Boxing Helena

Vanessa Claire Smith – Writer Winner Ovation Award Louis & Keely “Live at the Sahara”

Sarah Newman – Producer Chase the Slut

Marlen Schlawin- Cinematographer Happythankyoumoreplease

Laura Creecy – Editor Touched, Cougar Hunting, Answers to Nothing

Thank you to our festival sponsors!

Shooter: Angelika

Scout: KD Studio & Kim Dawson

Wrangler: AMS, Tape Online, Texas Film Commission, Times Ten Cellar, Dallas Producers Association, Hotel Palomar, Panavision, and TM Television


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