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WIFD Officer Elections

  • Monday, November 09, 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • Tuesday, December 01, 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • Online


It's time to elect our 2021 WIFD Board of Directors. 

Voting is open to all active, eligible members and is anonymous.  If you are not a member, you may renew or apply by clicking HERE.

The deadline to vote is noon Tuesday, December 1st, 2020. 

Here are the officer positions, elected for 1 Year Term beginning January 1, 2021.

PRESIDENT: Oversees the day to day functions of the organization, acts as the representative of the organization as needed for public speaking opportunities and an ambassador for the organization, chairs the monthly board meetings, works with the Board to create engaging and educational programs and opportunities for the organization's members, and performs various other duties as necessary. 

VICE PRESIDENT: Assists the President with all duties outlined above, promotes the organization in the President's absence, and performs various other duties as necessary. 

SECRETARY: Keeps the minutes of meetings and members, is the custodian of corporate records and documents, and performs those duties incident of Secretary. 

TREASURER: Accounts for all monies due and payable to the organization, keeps accurate receipts, and deposits funds.


There are three candidates on this year's ballot - one for president and two for vice president.  There are no candidates for treasurer and secretary.  Additional board seats will be appointed by the 2021 President-elect.

Please review the candidate bios below.  Their video messages are available to watch by clicking on the following links.

Tiffany Vollmer

Cydney Cox

Gail Cronauer

Tiffany Vollmer

Candidate for President

Tiffany Vollmer has been working in the entertainment industry as a producer, actress, writer, director and makeup artist for the past 25 years. She is best known for her voice work as Bulma on the hit anime cartoon Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT from 1998-2008 with Funimation Productions. Currently, Tiffany is the author and Department Chair for the Acting for Media and Master Makeup Artistry degree programs at MediaTech Institute in Dallas, Texas.  She has also served as the Senior Faculty advisor for the student organization, MESH at MediaTech. Ms. Vollmer continues to work in the industry on both sides of the stage, camera and or microphone as a freelance actress, acting coach, producer and makeup artist.

Leadership has always been one of Tiffany’s strong suits.  She was a self proclaimed overachiever in college, holding office in several campus organizations involving production and the arts.  Her Senior year she was elected President of University Players, the student theatre organization.  As an undergrad at The University of North Texas she was appointed the Head of the Makeup Department where she created an internship/ apprenticeship program for other aspiring artists.  Her Acting scholarship in college quickly turned into a double major in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting and Design.

From traveling the country working on reality shows, to backstage on Broadway, because of the amazing talented people she has been blessed to work with in her 25 years of life experiences and opportunities, Tiffany is dedicated to giving back to her beloved community. This passion for service and mentoring led her to Women In Film Dallas, where after a year of membership, she was appointed to the office of Membership Chair. 

As a new member she rarely missed the opportunity to participate in anything and everything Women In Film had to offer.  From social gatherings to Women’s Work nights, to the annual Women’s Expo, Tiffany wouldn’t just show up, she was always quick to begin networking and taking the time to listen to those around her.  

The global pandemic of 2020 shook our industry to the core.  This did not stop her from navigating through the unprecedented trials and tribulations of the industry.  She took a proactive approach and while recovering from Covid herself, became certified as a Covid Compliance officer for film sets and live events.  This came into play when Women In Film shot their PSA for The Promise House.  She not only donated her time and skills by providing a safe work environment as CCO, she also provided the voice over for the project.  The 2020 Board of Directors went through so much this year and always managed to adapt and move forward.  They created a momentum that Ms. Vollmer hopes to continue. 

It is because of her love of film, people and the organization itself and its mission to “Empower.  Promote.  Mentor.”  that Tiffany is honored and excited to run for the office of President for WIFD 2021.  Her creativity, personality and perseverance through thick and thin, speaks for itself.  Tiffany Vollmer is a WIFD girl for life and hopes to continue the legacy of the brilliant amazing women who have held office before her.  Please vote Tiffany Vollmer, WIFD President 2021!!

Cydney Cox

Candidate for Vice President

My name is Cydney Cox and I’m running for Vice President of Women in Film Dallas for 2021. I am a Texas-raised filmmaker originally from San Antonio and have been in Dallas-Fort Worth for nearly a decade ever since I came to study filmmaking and have since made it my home. I work in film and media production as a producer, assistant director, and script supervisor (among other related roles) across different mediums and show types. I am versatile and able to rise to the challenge of whatever life (or production) can throw at me.

For over five years I have been an active member of Women in Film Dallas, first by volunteering on the film festival committee and then serving on the board as the Programs Chair for two years and then for the last two as the Grants and Scholarships Chair. Outside of these positions I continue to assist the organization wherever I can, having curated films for the Topaz Film Festival as well as moderating filmmaker discussions. In 2020, despite being in the middle of a pandemic, I directed the PSA for Promise House with a small and amazing team of dedicated women.

I’ve created and orchestrated both educational and entertaining events that have served both the WIFD membership and the film community in DFW. The #MeToo brunch was an example of a needed timely and impactful community event that showcased a panel of experts in the industry which included a local attorney and a journalist that broke a large local #MeToo story. The 2017 How To Fest workshop allowed filmmakers an inside look into what makes a film programmable by bringing in directors of long standing and esteemed film festivals from around Texas. I assisted bringing the Production Bootcamp to fruition from an idea and spent time seeing its success in 2017 and 2018, finally assisting in expanding the event into the WIFD EXPO in 2019. 

The past few years the organization has seen tremendous growth and I will continue to be a part of that positive path. During the 2021 calendar, I look forward to working with the elected president and board of directors to build programming by creating more specific workshop and event topics, increase membership by bringing in those that are unfamiliar with the organization, and expand community engagement by partnering with more organizations so that we can create a bigger impact on the DFW community. I have the experience and knowledge to serve as your Vice President for 2021. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gail Cronauer
  Candidate for Vice President


I am looking forward to encouraging and growing the involvement of women in the local film/media community and beyond.

The Covid pandemic has limited us in many ways but it has also presented new opportunities and ways of creating and marketing ourselves.  For example, my studio teaching is now online, which allows me to reach students across the country.  Posting monologues as part of #Monologue Challenge has allowed my to reach out to creatives across the country.  I have attended four virtual film fests and met people I would never have met under different circumstances.

With the pressure (and opportunity) to be a hyphenate, I am interested in moving into producing, writing and perhaps directing.  I am excited about fostering the same growth and expansion in established professionals as well as women just entering the field, from whatever background and at whatever time in their lives.

Two of the greatest challenges of WIFD are keeping people engaged and involved in the organization when they are faced with personal and professional demands AND providing support and resources to help women take the next step.  I am excited by and  committed to addressing those issues.

Board / Leadership Experience

I’m a member of SAG-AFTRA, where I serve on the local board, and AEA (Actor’s Equity Association) where I serve on the DFW area liaison committee.

I served on the advisory board at STAGE, an artists’ support organization.

I recently retired from a full-time teaching position at Collin College where I led the theatre discipline.

WIFD Service & Membership

I have been active with WIFD in various capacities for decades, most recently on the Grants and Scholarship Committee.

I have attended WIFD meetings, networking events, film fests, awards programs, workshops.

I have appeared in a WIFD PSA and was a presenter at last year’s WIF Expo.

I value my membership in WIFD as both a mark of achievement and a commitment to the development and well-being of women in the industry.

Professional Experience

I’ve spent the last 40 years working in the theatre/broadcast community in Dallas as an actor, teacher, stage director and activist.

I have received several awards for my work on stage and screen and was honored by the USA Film Festival for my career achievements.

I am represented by the Campbell Agency and appeared most recently in the highly acclaimed The Vast of Night, SXSW selection One of These Days, Louisiana Film Prize’s Baked Potato Night (nominated for best actress).  I have taught thousands of students and worked to further their educational and career goals.

Treaurer Candidate - None

Secretary Candidate - None

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