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Panel with Cynthia Popp

Directing for TV

We interrupt this film festival program to bring you television! Join us for a discussion about directing TV with Cynthia Popp. She has directed over 1,200 episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful, as well as episodes of the sitcom Frasier and the one-hour drama Passions. Cindy has also produced nearly 5,000 episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful as well as the feature film Maybe Someday.

Saturday, September 21st, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: UTD A&H Performance Hall in building JO


Cindy’s a native Californian who grew up with a love for television and film. She knew she didn’t want to just be an audience member, but a creative filmmaker. She earned her BA in Communications; Radio, TV, Film from California State University at Fullerton and two weeks after graduation got her first job at CBS Television.

As a six­time Daytime Emmy Award winning director/producer, Cindy understands the demands of a daily half­hour drama. On The Bold and The Beautiful, she is part of a team that shoots 8 shows in 4 days, 252 episodes a year. Because “B&B” holds the title of “the most watched show in the world”, syndicated in over 108 countries , Cindy has been able to direct on location in Monaco, Paris, Dubai , Abu Dhabi, Cabo San Lucas and Aspen. Cindy has directed over 1200 hours of television. Her peers have described her as a focused , passionate, hands­on director who quickly earns the actor’s trust and skillfully draws out a scene’s “moments” and “heartbeats”.

She’s also directed Hollywood Heights for Nick at Night, the CBS primetime award winning Fraiser, NBC’s drama Passions and produced music videos for John McCook, Bobbie Eakes, and Jeff Trachta.

Cindy’s production company, Elocin Entertainment Inc., seeks “to create well told, compelling and entertaining stories that engage and enlighten the human spirit.” Through it she produced her first indie film Maybe Someday that garnered a Best Film nomination at the Carmel International Film Festival.

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