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Joan's Song


A woman defends her innocence while she battles the effects of gas-lighting. Joan's Song is a poignant, psychological drama tastefully exploring the effects of domestic abuse.

Director: Natasha Straley

Duration: 7:00

Country: USA

Social: Website

Texas Shorts Block

Filmmaker in attendance

Saturday, September 21st, 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: UTD A&H Performance Hall in building JO

Director Bio:

Natasha is an independent narrative film director working between New York City and San Antonio, Texas. She began as an actor before accepting roles on the other side of the camera in 2010. She worked on various film productions sifting through every department until directing naturally rose to the surface in 2016. Her work focuses on both comedic and dramatic narrative films with dark undertones. Her work typically explores the uncomfortable nuances of human nature and relationships. She is excited by screenplays which push boundaries and dive into the grey area between right and wrong. ​ ​She has directed over ten short films, which have screened at festivals across the country. She is currently working on her first feature, the highly anticipated dance film, SIDESTEP, after receiving a grant from the San Antonio Film Commission. She was also awarded the Michelle Mower Female Filmmaker of the Year Award from Austin Revolution Film Festival, 2018. Select directing credits include the post-apocalyptic action film, THE RESISTANCE; the lonely romantic comedy, UP OR OUT; the comedic social commentary - CAULIFLOWER; the delicately nuanced slice-of-life film, FINISHED. Select producing credits include PICKUP (starring Mandy Evans, Jim True-Frost and Griffon Robert Faulkner, written by Jessica Blank, directed by Jeremiah Kipp), SOUND/VISION (East Lansing Audience Choice Award; starring Ari Rossen, directed by Jeremiah Kipp). Select acting credits include THE BLACKLIST (with James Spader and David Costabile on NBC), LONG TERM PARKING, and LEFTOVERS. Natasha was born in DC and lived across the world as a military brat. Texas became her home before moving to New York 2007-2017. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas while she completes her first feature film, SIDESTEP.

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