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En Tu Memoria (In Your Memory)


Keyla López (21 years old) is a university student studying business administration to continue working in the family business. She has been developing the new business plan with her grandfather, but his unexpected death complicates the process. In spite of everything, Keyla continues with the hope of fulfilling her grandfather's dream and hers. When she presented the proposal to her mother, Lourdes (40 years old), Keyla learned that her grandfather did not leave anything prepared and accepted the reality of closing down the business. While collecting her grandfather's office, Keyla finds a will, signed by him, which helps Keyla continue with their initial plan.

Director: Karlinette Galván López

Duration: 9:58

Country: Puerto Rico

Student Shorts Block

Thursday, September 19th, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: MediaTech Institute

Director Bio:

My name is Karlinette N. Galván López and I was born on March 9, 1997. I was born in Isabela, Puerto Rico and I studied secondary school at Ramey School in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where I discovered my passion for art. During those years I was part of my local club, Boys and Girls Clubs of America where I traveled to leadership conferences and competed for the title of "youth of the year" representing Puerto Rico and military youth. This gave me the opportunity to do an internship with the Boys and girls clubs of America in Atlanta, Georgia where I worked with their marketing and communication team. I am currently in my fourth year at the "Universidad del Sagrado Corazón" doing a bachelor's degree in Digital Production with a minor concentration in Production and Event Marketing. The beginning to reach the goal of becoming a producer, director and / or assistant director. I also had the pleasure of being co-producer and editor for the documentary "Fafacón," which was presented in December at the "Universidad del Sagrado Corazón." This prepared me to make my first short film, "in your memory," which I wrote and directed. "In your memory," was presented for the first time in Fine Arts Miramar on May 14th. I also had the opportunity to be assistant director in a short film, "the secret of the mountain" as well as art director in "una escapadita."

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