Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series are exclusive events created expressly for Professional and Corporate members of Women in Film Dallas designed to enrich, educate, and entertain. 

We “cast the spotlight” on experts willing to share their experiences and words of wisdom as a way to empower our membership.

The series provides an opportunity for an intimate conversation between professionals with established careers in the industry and WIFD members in a casual setting. Spotlight events are traditionally held in private homes or small venues with very limited attendance. An interviewer prompts the discussion and questions are encouraged from attendees.

Suggestions for professionals or careers and topics to spotlight are welcome. 

Willing to share your expertise?  Have an idea?

Please email with the subject line "Spotlight.”


Katie Cokinos (Writer/Director) ê Wendy Calhoun (Writer/Producer) ê Bonnie Curtis (Producer)
Rogers Hartman (Literary Manager/Producer)
Lisa Kaselak (Filmmaker)
ê Belinda Baldwin (Marketing Expert)
Cathrine Hatcher
(Image Communications Expert)


"The Spotlight setting allowed for a much more in depth conversation--a back and forth--for a productive and fun time together." - Bonnie Curtis

"It wasn't until I was invited to participate in a Spotlight Series event that I understood how deeply WIFD members think about and support women filmmakers. The intimate setting really drove home how much thoughtfulness they were bringing to the film-watching process. That's an eye-opening and critical thing for a filmmaker to be a part of, and was as important - if not more so - in encouraging me to continue working. Filmmaking can be so draining. It was a real shot in the arm to have that kind of supportive environment." 

– Lisa Kaselak



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